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Detective Inspector Joona Linna

Joona Linna, the protagonist of the Lars Kepler novels, is a Detective Inspector in the Swedish Police Force. This tall, Finnish-Swedish man says little, but sees and registers everything.

Joona Linna is one of the most reliable investigators in the Force. He is strong, fearless and doggedly determined. However, this brilliant detective veneer conceals a painful past. He has to live with the knowledge of events that continuously compel him to seek justice. The cases he becomes involved in often reflect his own personal trauma.

Even though he is a highly respected and professional policeman, Joona does not hesitate to employ unconventional methods to solve the cases he is involved in. In The Hypnotist, he enlists the help of a hypnotist, while in the third Kepler novel, The Fire Witness, he consults a medium to understand what lies behind a brutal murder.

He famously prefers to take his time at the scene of a crime, as one of his most effective methods for tracking down a killer is to immerse himself in the mindset of the murderer. He knows that when the crime scene “opens up like a book” to him, he is close to understanding how and why the crime was committed.


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