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Crime Inspector Joona Linna

Joona Linna: Sweden's answer to James Bond
He is the tall, silent, Finnish-Swedish man with the gray eyes. He sees and records everything. His name is Joona Linna and he is the Chief Inspector at the National Police in Stockholm, and the main character in Lars Kepler's crime series.

One of the most proficient police investigators, Joona Linna is tenacious, fearless and strong. But, he is also someone with a painful past, a past which is constantly driving him to seek justice in cases that reflect his own trauma, especially where children and families are involved.
Although a highly-respected and professional police officer, Joona Linna is not afraid to use unconventional methods in solving the crimes he’s investigating. For example, in Kepler's third book, The Fire Witness, Joona enlists the help of a medium to further understand the truth behind the brutal killings.
In order to catch the killer, Joona Linna studies the crime scene for many hours until he is able to get inside the head of the killers and adopt their patterns. Once the murder begins to “open like a book” for him, he is not only close to  revealing how the crime was committed, but also how the crime reflects the muderer’s inner turmoil.


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